Machine roomless elevators

We present to you the characteristics of the solution a machine roomless.


Car lifts or vehicle lifts have gained strength in recent years, they are a type of forklift that is used to lift cars since these save a large amount of space compared to a traditional ramp in particular. The recommended measures for access of any type of vehicle (cars, trucks, and armored vans) are 3.20m and 6.00m.

These elevators have different uses and are usually installed in mechanical workshops, dealerships, but also in private buildings where it is not possible to build a ramp due to space limitations or when the resulting slope would not comply with urban regulations.

Car lifts are a type of lifting platform capable of transporting vertical loads greater than one ton and are used when spaces are limited and it is necessary to move the vehicle from one floor to another, being impossible to create the access ramp and thus it is installed an elevator to lower and raise the cars and connect the levels. These are also highly recommended for high-traffic parking areas, where fluidity and safety are essential.

The car lifts are lifts that stand out for their reliability and safety due to the materials used to make the risks of breakdown practically nil in this type of lift, their operation is simple, these work exactly like a normal elevator. The difference between car lifts is the size and load they can carry.

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