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Of the 72% of emergencies due to elevator failures or trapped people, 17% of these emergencies occurred due to lack of maintenance in the elevators. Giving total importance to the maintenance of vertical transport equipment is very important to always keep in mind a good operation.
According to the real estate census of the Special Administrative Unit of District CadastreIn the country there were 16 million properties for 2018, of which 73.9% are urban. The study also shows that more than 8 million of these properties are buildings.

From 2018 to date, the increase in buildings in the capital increased considerably. In order to prevent accidents, the Bogotá Council issued Agreement 470 of 2011, which establishes the regulations for vertical transportation systems.


The maintenance contract is the means through which your elevator is insured, in other words, it is an agreement and commitment that the building celebrates with the maintenance company. In all the possible scenarios and their scope are placed. Therefore, it is essential that the company you choose has this document.

Services offered in maintenance contracts

Several services are offered in the maintenance contracts which help to maintain the elevator with availability and safety.


  • Periodic Maintenance: Periodic maintenance is an annual schedule of pre-established inspections. During which 4 types of routines are performed, which are divided into different jobs. These routines and activities guarantee the durability and efficiency of all elevator components.

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Inspection format "maintenance routine"

  • Corrective maintenance: Corrective maintenance is the repairs and changes of parts in the elevator. In case of breakdowns or when one of the components of the lift requires a change for its correct operation.

  • Spare parts bag: The spare parts bag is a package of elements that deteriorate with normal use of the lift. Which would be stipulated in the maintenance contract.

  • Emergency and/or assistance calls: Emergency or assistance calls are a very important resource, through which users contact the company's headquarters through a telephone line 24 hours a day. Ensuring that an elevator technician will attend the emergency or assistance that proceeds with the elevator.

What type of maintenance contract do companies that perform this type of procedure offer today?

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The maintenance contracts stipulate the services that the trusted company will cover. Which will be in charge of executing the necessary activities to guarantee the operation of your elevator. Each maintenance company offers different contracts, or in some cases they handle only one type of contract when providing this type of service.

Varied contracts:

Normally, these types of contracts are classified in two ways, which vary according to the type of services offered:

Normal: In this type of contract essential services are offered, benefiting you with a more comfortable budget, the services provided are:

  • Periodic maintenance

  • corrective maintenance

  • Emergency calls

In this contract, repairs and replacement of parts will be billed separately.

All risk: This type of contract has a cost of 40% higher than the normal contract. Which has all the services such as:

  • Periodic maintenance

  • corrective maintenance

  • Spare parts bag

  • Emergency calls and/or assistance

Single contract:

This type of contract, unlike the conventional ones, handles all the services. Guaranteeing the availability of the elevator and its proper functioning, supporting the safety of those who use it; The services in this type of contract are:

  • Periodic maintenance

  • corrective maintenance

  • Spare parts bag

  • Emergency calls and/or assistance enabled 24/7

When choosing the maintenance contract for your elevator, you must take into account the following factors:

  1. The age and condition of the facility

  2. The number of stops that the elevator has

  3. Elevator running time

  4. Customized service specifications

Keeping these points in mind, the maintenance company you choose will advise you on the best contract according to the needs of your lift.

Gold Ascensores manages a single type of maintenance contract which guarantees up to 99% of the annual availability of your elevator. You will be able to manage all your preventive maintenance, repairs and emergency calls from your cell phone or computer, we carry out maintenance for most brands. With the safety of certified height technicians. All our services include 24/7 emergency call assistance service.


Having your elevator always available and safe is the most important thing to have an efficient and reliable trip. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a monthly maintenance review that guarantees the correct operation of the equipment, thus supporting the life and integrity of the people who use it.

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