What aspects to take into account when buying an elevator?

You will know what aspects are essential when choosing your elevator.


Buying an elevator is not an easy task because it is a means of transport that most of us do not know in-depth, we usually use it when we need to move vertically, in general, we do not worry about knowing the technical specifications of the equipment that we are uploading.

If you are going through this moment because you are the builder, administrator or owner of a building or a public establishment, we give you some recommendations to take into account when making such an important purchase.

¿En qué tipo de propiedad va a ser instalado el ascensor?: Before choosing the type of vertical transport, you must take into account what kind of property you are going to install it in, it is not the same to install an elevator for a building with less than 20 inhabitants, than for a public establishment (shopping center, restaurant, mayoralty, school, among others). This is why a traffic study must be carried out, which evaluates the number of elevators and the capacity that they must support.

Property layout: You should consider if you have adequate space to install the equipment:

  • If the building is already built and there is no space already built to install the elevator, first they will have to carry out civil works to adapt the place destined for the elevator.

  • If the building is already built and you want to change an elevator already installed, you already have the area destined for your future elevator, remember to contract the installation of the equipment to be dismantled.

  • If the building is under construction, we recommend assigning a suitable area for the elevator shaft in order to install a suitable equipment for the traffic needs of your building.

At GOLD Ascensores we offer solutions that adapt to the architecture and finishes of the building (spaces, colors, facilities, and preferences of the people who will use your elevator).

Brand trajectory: In Colombia there is a good supply of companies that import, install and maintain elevators, there are even individuals who can offer you the maintenance service. The risks are latent when these services are contracted with companies with a short history or individuals because as this is a vertical transport system that will take people from one place to another, you must carefully evaluate the experience of the company, the level of qualification of its Employees and the assistance that they can give you if at any time you have any difficulties, be it spare parts or emergency calls, it is also important that they generate the appropriate maintenance reports.

Elevator model: Within the elevator market you have various offers to choose from, keep in mind that it is very important to take some time to observe their characteristics and functionalities so that you can choose the solution that really meets all your expectations.

Elevator safety: The elevator will visibly improve the appearance of your property and enhance it, it is of vital importance that it also complies with all the security requirements required by the NTC 5926-1 standard. For this, the prestige of the company to be hired must be evaluated very well and after you have chosen your elevator you must check that all the parts are in perfect condition and that it complies with the regulations required by government entities, check if the model has security on doors, emergency alarm, electronic control, and other security-related functions.

Equipment warranty: Carefully review what type and what warranty period the company you decide to hire is giving you, it is important that if any eventuality arises, the service provider company provides you with fast and efficient attention.

At GOLD Ascensores we offer you peace of mind in each of these aspects, 25 years of impeccable experience certify it.