Builders have control of their buildings. We help you to always finish your projects.

We guarantee Elevators for 4 Years. We import, install and develop in 4 months. Builders will always be in Control of their Cash Flow. So hire when you need it.

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We take you wherever you want.

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Ensures an elevator solution that is 
imported and fits the gap of your building, installs 3 to 4 months and is guaranteed for 4 years.

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Ensures an elevator solution for clinics, hospitals and health centers that: complies with decree 4445 of the Ministry of Health, fits into the hole in your building and is installed in 4 months.

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Ensure the best high-performance vehicle lift solution, with hydraulic equipment with an useful life of more than 20 years, which is installed in a time of 4 months.


Mantenimiento - Normatividad - Reparación - Modernización

Trust and ensure the maintenance and standards of your elevators in a specialized team that works to ensure your elevators are always available. 

Servicio técnico y llamadas de emergencia para su ascensor.

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With us you get much more.

Full coverage of employees

Certified height courses

Civil liability policy

Qualified technical team

Monthly reports

Elevator resume

We help you eliminate:

High prices

Unexpected Charges

Legal Issues

Bad Sellers

No accident coverage


GOLD   is more than an elevator company!

Pay fast, easy and safe.

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